Ethernet Over Fiber / Copper

dataMetropolitan and wide area networking is being transformed through the application of IP based routing and Ethernet data communications between locations. Whether for file transfer, email, or accessing the Web, Ethernet can provide a low overhead, high quality connection.

Ethernet Over Copper (EOC)

Ethernet over copper is the practical solution for a fast, reliable network. Your company needs dependable WAN connectivity in order to conduct business efficiently among various site locations.

EOC leverages common copper wiring to transmit higher bandwidths in order to provide you with a competitively priced way to boost your network performance.

Ethernet over copper is a great option whether your business uses it to for voice over IP services or just to run your Internet.

Ethernet Over Fiber

Ethernet over Fiber is used for more robust solutions usually requiring 100Mb or more. Ethernet of Fiber is also used where copper facilities are not available.

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