Dedicated Internet Access

InternetAll business require the fast, reliable and secure Internet access that will give you and your employees the ability to operate seamlessly in a world where information sharing is a critical application.

Dedicated Internet Access from ENQWEST is a high bandwidth solution available for your organization to connect your Local Area Network (LAN) to the public internet.

ENQWEST Dedicated Internet Access has several benefits over T1, cable, and DSL technology. Primarily, these legacy technologies have bandwidth limitations and struggle to meet the need of current bandwidth intensive applications. Additionally, being connected to the ENQWEST BGP IP Optical Network will provide your applications with the performance and security required to keep your business productive.

The ENQWEST BGP IP Optical Network only Peers with Tier1 service providers to achieve ubiquitous coverage. This ensures that your traffic will be routed on the most direct path through the network resulting in less latency and optimal performance.

Since the ENQWEST Network is fully meshed and uses BGP for routing, your traffic will continue to flow. BGP routing eliminates single points of failure.

A managed router is also part of the Dedicated Internet Access service. We’ll monitor router performance 24/7/365 and ensure security layers are constantly maintained and updated.

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