SIP Trunking

A SIP Trunk provides the same service you get from a traditional analog phone line.  The difference is, instead of being a physical wire, a SIP Trunk is a “virtual” phone line.   This gives you a cost effective way of bringing the features and functionality of IP based business grade communications to your existing phone system. SIP trunks make efficient use of existing internet access bandwidth and can run over any type of Internet connection (T1, Cable Modem, DSL, Ethernet over Copper or Fiber).

ENQWEST SIP Trunking provisions directly into a SIP based Phone System or any traditional PBX or Key System using an IP Analog adaptor. Regardless of the type of phone system you have, Native IP, Digital, or Analog, you can take advantage of SIP Trunking technology.

SIP Trunk Security

ENQWEST is the only service provider that offers true SIP security.  Unlike other similar solutions, ENQWEST works with live SIP traffic, dynamically blocking/unblocking IP addresses currently threatening the system.

ENQWEST advanced attack detection (sipPROT)

ENQWEST performs constant live SIP traffic monitoring. While an attack is attempted and detected, sipPROT updates the firewall rules and blocks IP addresses from where the attack is coming, for a specific amount of time. If an attack stops within a certain period of time, sipPROT unblocks that IP address automatically. This allows sipPROT to block attacks more efficiently than any other SIP provider.

SIP Trunking

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