Transportation Services

Transportation ServicesCurrently we have three ENQWEST services specifically crafted for the transportation industry.

Fleet Manager

ENQWEST Fleet Manager is a low cost GPS-based tracking and management system that allows you to proactively manage your fleet operations and respond to customer needs faster and with greater accuracy.

By simply installing a hardwired modem in your vehicle, you’ll be able to improve operational efficiencies by collecting and sending information between your operations staff and fleet vehicles. This is easily performed via a computer, tablet or smartphone.

ENQWEST Fleet Manager can help reduce costs and increase profits. It can even assist with staying in regulatory compliance.


Passenger Wi-Fi
With a compact footprint, simultaneous dual-band Wi-Fi, and up to two embedded cellular modems, ENQWEST Transit is ready to deliver fast, reliable Wi-Fi hotspots to your passengers.
Bus Stop Connectivity
ENQWEST Transit allows you to add more value to your bus stops. Display information on when the next bus will arrive. Offer free Social Wi-Fi to get rider insights or offer ad-supported Wi-Fi Internet to open a new source of revenue.

Mobile Bandwidth Bonding

At ENQWEST, we understand the importance of staying connected. It shouldn’t matter whether if you’re driving around town, along a country road, or traveling on a desolate highway. So we have a solution that eliminates the downtime that occurs when roaming from network to network.

We provide our customers with a cutting-edge cellular router that combats poor network coverage and maintains high-bandwidth mobile connections. We do this by bonding the bandwidth of multiple cellular service providers. This solution supports 3G/4G LTE and WiMax powered WANs.

By combining the cellular reception of several service providers, if one provider should fail, others will take its place without any interruptions to your connections.
When our bandwidth bonding technology is deployed in your vehicle, you can travel across the city or across the country with a fast and continuous internet connection.

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